[ANN] TMate Plugin 1.0. (build #48) is released.

Hello All,

I'm glad to announce that TMate 1.0 Plug-in is released!

Install: use IDEA Plugin Manager or at http://tmate.org/download/ (there are both IDEA 4.0.2 and IDEA 4.1 ('Pallada') versions).
Detailed information: http://tmate.org/ (documentation and screenshots).

I would like to thank Thomas Singer, author of SmartCVS (http://smartcvs.com/) for an excellent CVS access library he allowed to use in TMate.

I've also got a lot of help and feedback from TMate EAP members, especially Barry Kaplan, Andrei Oprea, Jens Göring and "Pazu". Without your help there were a little chances to release TMate! I appreciate your help a lot and look forward for the TMate 2.0 EAP.

Thank you very much!
Alexander Kitaev.
TMate Software, http://tmate.org/

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Note: to get TMate free evaluation license key, visit http://tmate.org/download/evaluate/

Alexander Kitaev.


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