[ANN] Rearranger plugin - new version 3.0

This plugin:
- rearranges (reorders) class and class member declarations according to a user-specified order and/or method call hierarchy;
- generates section-marking comments;
- provides several controls for spacing within and between methods and classes; and
- permits the user to manually rearrange items.

Version 3.0 fixes the following:
(1) Live Rearranger now shows focus changes between tree and buttons. Focus starts in the tree.
(2) First blank line of a method is no longer discarded when a generated comment precedes the method.

NOTE - the version of the plugin available from the Plugin Manager only works with IDEA version 4.0 (Aurora). The plugin must be recompiled to work with builds 2002 and above of Pallada.

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Attached is Rearranger plugin version 3.0 compiled for Pallada (build 2002).


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