clearcase plugin - 'checkin' not shown after checkout and editing.

Anyone else have this problem?

I have the idea 4.0 demo and clearcase plug-in.

After checking out a file, and editing it, I right click and the option it gives me is 'add to source' rather than 'check in'.

Any known workarounds? Do I have my clearcase base dir set incorrectly? I can't seem to coax idea into recognising the file as checked out, thus letting me check it in. It wants to add it as a new file.


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Hey I know clearcase is a POS but someone else must be using this fantastic plug-in successfully!!?


- James

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You need to "Mark Project As Current" on the ClearCase menu inside Idea.

If you have this selected and have specified the correct ClearCase root on the ClearCase settings, it should work.



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