[ANN] Wizard 0.5.3 final (wizards for JFrame, JDialog)


New Wizard plugin available from Plugin Manager. This release have magor improvements, and UI wizards for JFrame and JDialog box (generating java and UI form files).

This version tested only with Pallada 2002. Wizard plugin used PLUS API, but it not requires to download PLUS plugin (see PLUS 0.1.0 announce).

I think this version is something like 'final', becouse i don't know that Wizard can do anymore... :(( In any case, Wizard have API and plugable mechanizm to plug other wizards, if somebody missed some wizard, his can create it and plug it into Wizard.

But, if someone have any ideas for continue development on Wizard, please let me know.


  • New PLUS support in Plugin wizard

  • Bug fixes

Good luck!

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