Sequence Plugin?

I've use the Sequence plug-in in the past and it worked very well. However,
I noticed recently that I can't seem to get to it anymore. It's not showing
up in any menus (that I can find), but it does show up in the installed
plugin list.

Any ideas? Did it stop working for 4.0?


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I am seeing the same thing. I can't get simpleUML's sequence diagrams to work, so I thought I'd grab this plugin. But I can never get to the tool-- I can see it greyed out in the Window menu, but I can't get to it.

Any plans to update this to 4.0? I thought all non-4.0-compatible plugins were removed...?

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Note: I am using version 0.5.3 of the SequencePlugin plug-in, with IDEA 4.0 build #1179.

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After e-mailing with the author of the tool, I realized my mistake. I didn't see the menu under "View"-- that's the important one, and the one you use to create new sequence diagrams.


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