[ANN] OptimizeIt 5 Plugin 0.1.3 Available

Available via the plugin manager.


Recompiled for IDEA 4.0.2 (Build 1179).


This plugin integrates OptimizeIt 5 into the IDEA UI; Integration is
currently just for the Profiler. Allows you to Profile the selected Run
Configuration through OptimizeIt 5 from IDEA.

Two new actions are added alongside Run & Debug : Profile Memory and
Profile CPU. Profile CPU just disables the memory profiler for more
accurate results - you can still profile the cpu if you select Profile

Profiling via this plugin compiles & runs the selected configuration as
per usual but runs it alongside the OptimizeIt Audit system. It then
automatically launches the OptimizeIt Profiler GUI and connects it to
your program's VM. (This now works, it was broken in 0.1.1)

The plugin also intercepts calls to the profiler's built in source
viewer, showing the appropriate code inside IDEA instead (via RMI).
(This now works, it was broken in 0.1.0)

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