Change notes not visible

Hi all,

How do I make my change notes visible??? I've got the following plugin configuration, but the change notes don't show up!

<!DOCTYPE idea-plugin PUBLIC "Plugin/DTD" "">
<idea-plugin url="">
    <name>JSON Formatter</name>
            A simple formatter for JSON, based on <a href="">JSON Tools</a> and <a href="">RSyntaxTextArea</a>.
    <vendor email="" logo=""
            url="">Erik Pragt
    <idea-version since-build="8000"/>
    <h3>Version 0.2.1</h3>
    <li>Fixed release notes
    <h3>Version 0.2</h3>
    <li>Added simple JSON validation, thanks to Bruno Ranschaert
    <h3>Version 0.1</h3>
    <li>Initial version

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No one has suggestions on this?

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i meet the same problem,you must remove this in build.grandle:

patchPluginXml {
changeNotes """
Add change notes here.<br>
<em>most HTML tags may be used</em>"""

and then your <change-notes> will useful


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