PLUS future services discussion


Here some roadmap for plus services, that you can use in plugins. Please
take a look, and if you find any ideas is not good, please say about it.

1. Localization engine. You can get Localizer interface for your
resourcebundle name and locale. Localizer have methods for getString and
format (using MessageFormat).

2. About plugin service. Easy building of About plugin splash, like IDEA
about splash.

3. Getting access to plugin.xml of your plugin and parsing it into
PluginDescriptor bean with getters.

4. Service for "Close my ToolWindow"/"Show my ToolWindow". It will helpfull
for temporary display ToolWindow with ability to close it (unregister).

5. Custom highlighting service. Settings for your RangeHighlighters per your
plugin. This service will return JComponent, with you can include in you
Plugin configurable UI. It will work as DimensionService in openapi, but
with configurable interface.

6. Plugin help system. It idea for using IDE help system for showing plugin
help topic. (This idea only in mind)

7. Error reporting for plugins (mailing by template, or posting into forum
by template). But it maybe is not possible...

8. Some common UI API, as Mamado requested for example.

If you have some other ideas, please let me know.

Alexey Efimov - Java Developer
Tops BI

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Error reporting is very interesting idea.

How about to make reusable settings components for authors of plugin like PropertiesToggleAction(in PsiViewer) to make simpler plugin configuration creation.



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