[ANN] Wizard 0.5.2 RC1


I fix a lot of issues in Wizard plugin. Now it have Simple project wizard for fast project creationg, and special wizard for creation predefined IDEA Plugin project. And it work more stable.

This plugin requires PLUS installed in IDEA. If you will not have PLUS, wizard will not work and you get message with words "PLUS not installed". Now PluginManager not support dependency, so better, if you first install PLUS, and after this install Wizard.


  • PLUS support

  • Russian localization for strings in UI

  • Bug fixes

Note: Plugin used scrambled API, and might not work on latest releases, i test it on IDEA build #1174.

All aditional wizards will be added as plugable wizardries, so, Wizard plugin as itself (core) is marked as Release Candidat.

Thank you!

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