CVS authorization error

I recently upgraded to Aurora and I'm very happy with the new functionality, etc.

However, I can't get the CVS plugin to work. I keep getting an "Authorization Error" with the message "Wrong password or unknown user."

I'm running on windows and our CVS server uses windows authentication. I have no problem authenticating using TortoiseCVS and I had no problems with IDEA 3.0.

Anyone have a clue?

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my .cvspass (created by aurora) file looks like this....

:pserver:[my-login]@[cvs-server-name]:/[doc-root] A

if I remove the "A" at the end - then I don't get the error message anymore -

instead i get nothing at all

if i turn on the CVS output dialog - I can see some text pop-up quickly-then disappear - too quickly for me to see what it is.

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after repeatedly trying to read the error message that comes up - it's

"Error : string index out of bounds : -1" (or something very similar)

that's probably because it's trying to read the "A"


Anyone know what the significance of the "A" is?

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When using pserver protocol, passwords are kept scrambled in .cvspass file. "A" is a scrambled version of empty string. You may try to delete your .cvspass entirely and try to recreate your cvs repository settings from the IDEA.

Alexander Kitaev.


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