[ANN] PLUS plugin (Plugin Light Utility Services) 0.0.1


I post new plugin to plugin repository. Main purpose of this plugin - is
provide to plugin developers some light (small, not complex, not hard to
implement, fast) sharable utility services.

The same idea used for many aplications, for example Miranda IM, have
plugin - ToolTip - it can't be used standalone, but other plugins used it to
show tips.

The main unit of PLUS - is Service. You can get any registered services from
PLUS for your plugin tasks. Also PLUS have extension API, so you can add
your own services to it.

So, now PLUS have two services:
1. PluginDescriptor service, that can be used by your plugin for reading
information from plugin.xml descriptor.
2. AboutPlugin service, that can be used to simple fast creation of About
JOptionPane action (AnAction). For example you can get AnAction for your
plugin from this service ant attach it to any places as you want.

I think this plugin will help to developer, and any ideas and suggestion are
always welcome! Let's share your "fine light service" to PLUS! ;)

Plugin page: http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/PlusPlugin
Development page: http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/PlusPluginDev

You can install plugin from IDEA Plugin Manager. After installation put
plus.jar to your libraries in project. Also, you can get sources for jar at
plugin page.

Alexey Efimov - Java Developer
Tops BI

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I thought that if there is some common functionality, it should be
provided by the OpenAPI itself. Currently each plugin is self contained
and i think that is a good thing. (I always hated the inter-plugin
dependencies of JEdit)

Perhaps this plugin could be used as testing ground for community
contributed additions to the OpenAPI?


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I always hated the inter-plugin dependencies of JEdit

I think, that you have "not needed" functionality of depended plugin, instead of "depends". So, this plugin is just a try to collect all common services (not special, sure) to one place - it easy to support, it easy to use.

Perhaps this plugin could be used as testing ground
for community contributed additions to the OpenAPI?

Some services is may used for testing purpose to let's developers and JetBRains to see - include or not to OpenAPI. But, i know, that JetBrains will not include all services to OpenAPI - there are some services, experted in IDEA, not just scrembled in idea.jar.

So, could you please tell something about additional services. I planed only one additional feature - Localizer for plugins, did you have any ideas for any other services?

Thank you!


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