[TMate] Module is not in the current project

Hi Alexander,

I've been using/testing your plugin for some time now and it great. I notice I even start committing more frequently just to see the message appear.

One thing however is still puzzeling me.
The "Module is not in the current project" message keeps haunting for some projects and I cant figure out why it won't recognize my modules.

Could you please elaborate a bit on the probable causes of this message?



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Hi Aiko,

I too have been puzzled by this message as it seems as though TMate was unable to fetch one of my projects' CVS history because of this.

After much trial-and-error, I got everything working as expected by changing my TMate server configuration to use the exact CVS module location and not an alias.

To illustrate this, say you have the following project structure checked out:

and 'singleModule' is defined as an alias for 'projectXYZ/singleModule' in your CVS repository.

When configuring your TMate server, choosing the module alias:

will produce the 'Module is not in the current project' error message, whereas selecting the sub-module directly won't:

Of course, this piece of troubleshooting won't be of any help if you are not using module aliases in the first place. Either way, Alexander will probably have a better explanation to offer us.



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Yes, seems that you're right. I'm not using CVS module aliases, so seems that they are not supported. There could be another possible reason of the problem - till the build 0.0.35 there was a bug that prevented TMate plugin to match TMate Server configuration module with the project module when project module CVS Root didn't contain ":" symbol after the host name (or port number). I.e. the following CVS Root was not detected correctly: :pserver:user@host:port/repository when specification like :pserver:user@host:port:/repository worked fine. This problem should be fixed in build 0.0.35.

Thanks for evaluating the plugin!
Alexander Kitaev.

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No, thank you for letting us evaluate this very useful plugin in the first place!

FYI, my project module CVS root always had a colon after the host definition.

Keep up the excellent work!



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