Brackets - white background since 2016.1


Hey guys,

Since upgrade to PhpStorm 2016.1 I have got this issue - all types of brackets got white background color.

I can go to color settings and uncheck checkbox responsible for that - but it appears checked again after some time or IDE restart...
I tried to reset color scheme but it does not help.

Is it known issue or something?

P.S. just updated to 2016.1.2 - didn't help to fix it

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Yup, something like this was reported before:

I believe your code style for parentheses and brackets is using "Use inherited attributes" that leads down to General > Text > Default text? Some color schemes attributes were changed so your custom color scheme would need some adjustment. Try to disable "Background" color in General > Text > Default text settings.

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Thank you for pointing me to that issue, it is similar to my problem

I then found out that this background is inherited all the way from ‘Defaut text’. So I disabled the background. But the IDE sets is back after some time.

The above is true for me, with exception that in my case it is "white background". I uncheck that checkbox (so it should be transparent) but when I close a file and open it again - brackets have white BG and checkbox in color settings is checked again.

I think that issue should be reopened :)

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Please report it at with steps to reproduce the issue. It would be great if you could record a screencast of it and attach to the report.


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