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Hi I have a rather simple question (I think). I'm using Inspection Gadget and I love it. Now my coworkers want to use it too and it would be very neat if we could creat a profile with the setting that we then can send to everyone. The problem is that I don't seems to get it to work to add a saved profile file. I can creat a code inspection profile and save all settings in it. But how do I get the IDEA to read the file and put the profile in the selection box? I tried on my own machine to create a profile and then make a copy of it with a different name. But I doesn't seems to be able to get the IDEA to add it as a possible selection? Help


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Glad you like IG. I know there's an open feature request to JetBrains for creating sharable inspection profiles, but for now there isn't anyway to do so in the product. Other than trying to mung files like you already seem to be doing, I'm not sure what to tell you.

--Dave Griffith


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