Problems with VCS OpenAPI ViewHistory


I'm trying to release a new version for the MKS plugin, and have got some report from users that say that viewing history doesn't work anymore.

After investigation and getting some logs, it seems that the plugin returns correctly the list of revisions to IDEA when asked through VCS com.intellij.openapi.vcs.history.VcsHistorySession

What I had done (I think based on an older version of the svn plugin) is override the getRevisions() method on com.intellij.openapi.vcs.history.VcsHistorySession, and determine it only when (first) asked, rather than fetching the revisions list at historySession creation time, but, again, it works fine on my machine.

Would there be any reason preventing IDEA to display the history with the plugin correctly responding to VcsHistorySession#getRevisionsList and VcsHistorySession#calcCurrentRevisionNumber (as the logs reveal those methods return the correct values).

I'm quite perplex, and begin to suspect something's wrong outside of the plugin itself ( bad interference from another plugin ? other cause ?)

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I do not have the definite reason for the issue, but the user that reported the bug deleted his idea.config.path folder and all of the sudden the viewhistory command works.


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