Rename of custom references


In my plugin i'm providing custom references to writable property of POJO class. By writable property i mean that POJO has set methods. (for ex, properrty tite means setTitle(..) is present). POJO may not have getter though.

I'm providing those kind of references withitn attributes of custom tag in JSP and within annotaion attribute in JAVA class.
Reference resolves to corresponding setter method of POJO.
Problems arises when renaming them.

- For JSP case:
When i invoke rename dialog with Shift+F6 in window i have setTitle instead of title in input box of rename dialog.
If i enter name setTitleNew it refactors OK. i was able to solve the problem with changing correctly content of reference in JSP after rename.
Though method name is renamed everywhere correctly it doesn't change in my custom references within annotation attributes in JAVA class.

- For Java class case:
Rename is called ok but content of reference still doesn't change in source reference that had need renamed.

In debug mode i realized that even handleElementRename is not called

Plese can anyone provide me with clues to those problems

how to make property name appear in rename dialog instead of setter name ?
how to make references in Java class call it's handleElementRename ?

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