Need WebPathReferenceProvider functionality in JAVA class

I'm porting my plugin to DIANA M! and faced following problems.
For auto-completion purposes in API classes i want to provide pathes like used for href attribute of A tag in JSP.
In 7th branch i finally used JspxIncludePathReferenceProvider with some tricks/workarounds.
Base idea was extending that class and provide custom logic.
But in DIANA those methods were turned into private, so i can not use that class anymore.

Si my question is - what internal (or plugin) reference provider i can use to achieve that functionality.
Plz note that i need this in JAVA class. And also i realize that i can write manually provider and JSP / Servlet references.
But i want to use existing functionality and dont waste time for re-impelmentation.


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use com.intellij.openapi.paths.PathReferenceManager and associated classes, you can find usage examples in Struts Assistant/Struts 2 plugin sources

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Excuse me. But can anyone provide with working solution for my request (sure except complete hand-made imlementation).?
I tried different combinations with PathReferenceManager and had no success.



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