Can I exclude dot directory from deployment synchronization?


I am using "Develop > Deployment > Sync with deployment to..."
It check file difference recursively.
I added excluded path, but some of them are not working.

The ".sass-cache" directory has many files and it takes a while. So I want to exclude it.
Other specified file are correctly excluded, but .sass-cache cannot be excluded.

Any ideas?

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What do you mean exacty by '.sass-cache cannot be excluded'?
Are contents of this folder really being downloaded on Sync, or you detect that it's not excluded by how long download takes?

If it's the second option, unfortunately, we don't exclude files from enumeration in case of FTP, here's the issue:

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Thank you for your reply.

> What do you mean exacty by '.sass-cache cannot be excluded'?

`.sass-cache` directory has many files, so loading takes long time.

I want to skip download of sync.

Can I skip? or not?

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You can skip them from the upload/download process, but they can't be excluded from enumeration due to the issue I've posted in the previous message.

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I understand.

Thank you Morozov.


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