JIRA Plugin - Multiple Projects

Finally starting to look at the multi-projects thing in the JIRA plugin,
slapped up a sketch of what I'm thinking over here:


Comment with your ideas... basically, I'm looking at multiple projects
with component subfilter based off the same JIRA server for a project, and
maybe a module level configurable giving the same set of settings.

This would let two modules have different JIRA servers.

Or... do we want to go the extra mile of configuring multiple projects
setting the JIRA server/user/password for each project entry ( would give
the most flexability I'm thinking, but makes the UI a bit more

Or... both. A JIRA Server entry can have multiple project/component
entries, AND you can have multiple JIRA Server configurations, in which
the normal case would just have one Server entry.

Comment on the blog entry please ;)

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