Different behaviour of overriden method of LocalFileOperationsHandler

I'm working in parallel with Idea6.0 and Idea7.0. I have overriden method 'rename' that belongs to LocalFileOperationsHandler. So as I understand if this method returns 'true' then the resource is not actually renamed, otherwise if it returns false the resource is renamed. In Idea7.0 when this method returns 'true' the resource is not actually renamed, it is only renamed in Virtual File System, because when I perform additional refresh(pressing Synchronize button) in Project Navigator View I can see that resource is turned to it's first state, and it is not renamed indeed. But for Idea6.0 I can see that 'rename' returning 'true' leads to the situation in which resource dissappears from Project Navigator View, and performing additional refresh(pressing Synchronize button) doesn't turn him back, the resource can't be seen in Project Navigator View though it is present physically on the local disk, and only after reopening the project the resource appears again. Is this a bug of Idea6.0?

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