InspectionGadgets: erroneous error reported for disambiguating FQCN

IG erroneously reports that a fully qualified class name is unnecessary, when in fact a FQCN actually is required in order to disambiguate two identically named classes that are both referenced from within the same compilation unit.

I noticed this when referencing javax.wsdl.Part and org.obe.client.api.repository.Part in the same file. IG reported: "Fully qualified name javax.wsdl.Part is unnecessary, and can be replaced with an import". Replacing the entry with an import leads, understandably, to the standard IDEA inspector message: "Incompatible types. Found: 'javax.wsdl.Part', required: 'org.obe.client.api.repository.Part'"

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Hurm, I've actually got code for this case, and my tests don't have this failure. Can you post (or mail me) a test case?

--Dave Griffith


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