[ANN] Rearranger plugin - new version 1.9 released

This plugin rearranges (reorders) class and class member declarations according to a user-specified order and/or method call hierarchy; generates section-marking comments; and provides several controls for spacing within and between methods and classes.

New features in version 1.9:

- Added global comment automatic generation capability. A regular expression is created that matches all patterns in the configuration.

- Rule table enhancements. Added a 'Duplicate' button which duplicates the existing rule. Added support for up/down arrows, and enter key. Double clicking a row edits that row.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed class cast exception when class initializer was present.

- Fixed handling of read-only files.

See See http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/RearrangerPlugin for documentation (updated 1.9 screen shots to follow shortly.)


How did you handle read-only file. Do you fire a readonlymodifiyattempt and re-evaluate writability right after? This way VCS plugin have a change to check out a VCS file.



No, I just have the following sanity checks before doing anything:



"Messages.showMessageDialog" in a method called "isFileWritable(PsiElement element)"....



Now where were you when I did this?
Shame on me! The worse is that it did not even hit me when I pasted the code ;-P

Maybe I should past the entire code...


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