Avoiding deprecated methods for IDEA 7.03

I've got a problem while avoiding the deprecated methods:
all that I see is a message: Subscribe to {@link com.intellij.AppTopics#FILE_DOCUMENT_SYNC} on any level bus.
Following the link I have such class:
public class ProjectTopics {
public static final Topic PROJECT_ROOTS = new Topic("project root changes", ModuleRootListener.class); public static final Topic MODULES = new Topic("modules added or removed from project", ModuleListener.class); public static final Topic FILE_EDITOR_MANAGER = new Topic("file editor events", FileEditorManagerListener.class); public static final Topic LOGICAL_ROOTS = new Topic]]>("logical root changes", LogicalRootsManager.LogicalRootListener.class);

So if I have
com.intellij.openapi.roots.ProjectRootManager.getInstance(project).addModuleRootListener(moduleRootListener) which is deprecated
then what should I use instead?


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here is how I listen now to project roots change, this should be quite similar to what you're looking for

myMessageBusConnection = getProject().getMessageBus().connect();
myMessageBusConnection.subscribe(ProjectTopics.PROJECT_ROOTS, myListener);

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Thank you, Thibaut

and one more thing: if I have for e.g. removeModuleRootListener(which is also deprecated) then there is no method like unsubscribe or smth. like that.... so should I use smth. like msbusConnection.disconnect();?

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not sure if it is the recommended way, but it is what i'm doing in my deactivate().

IIRC this is how it's done in the Jetbrains subversion plugin


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