[ANN] IdeaVIM 0.7.0 Release

I've uploaded IdeaVIM 0.7.0 for Aurora. This includes a bunch of minor enhancements and bug fixes:

New Features
- Highlighting lines of code by clicking and/or dragging in the line number area
now leaves you in visual line mode.
- Undoing all changes in a file now correctly marks the file as unchanged if it
hasn't been saved in the meantime.
- All the :write commands (:w :wn :wN :wq) save just the one file now. To save
all files use the :wall command.
- Enhanced the :e command. Support for :e# and :e have been added. :e# selects the previous tab. :e will search the entire project and open the first matching file. Relative paths are supported too. :e with no argument will still bring up the File Open dialog. - Added support for the gP and gp commands. - Added support for the z+ and z^ commands. - Added :class command to bring up "Go To Class" dialog. If followed by a classname, open the corresponding Java file. Not in VIM. - Added :symbol command to bring up "Go To Symbol" dialog. Not in VIM. - Editors use block cursor for command mode and a vertical bar for insert/replace mode. - Better support for split view editing. - Text selection is reflected in all editors of a file. Bug Fixes - Under certain conditions, highlighting text left you in multiple layers of visual mode. This is now fixed. - The gv command resulted in too much text being selected in many cases. - The gv command now properly restores the cursor position. - Fixed exception caused by using the :undo and :redo commands. - Re-enabled all the :write related commands. Hopefully the deadlock has been solved. - Fixed error referencing unknown class FileCloseAction. - Fixed several exceptions related to edit fields in dialog boxes. - Fixed some exceptions related to the undo manager. - Status was not always show proper mode. - r]]> now works as expected.
- Toggling between insert and replace mode wasn't working properly.
- The cursor wasn't always restored correctly after an undo.
- Yanking the last line and then putting it elsewhere sometimes resulted in the
old and new line not having a newline between them.
- Repeating of o and O commands, including with count, works properly now.
- dw, dW, and d[w now act like d$ if deleting the last word of a line.
- cW now properly behaves like cE.

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