[ANN] TMate plugin version 0.0.31. Early Access.

Announcing version 0.0.31 of the TMate plugin, available via the PluginManager or at


Changes from build 0.0.30 to 0.0.31:

  • Local 'Change Set' support

TMate plugin now adds one more tool window that displays up to date information about files that are changed, added or deleted locally relatively to the CVS repository. Files could be grouped into multiple change sets. Each change set could be commited or rolled back separately. Excluding and including files, like in commit project dialog, is also supported. Default shortcut to invoke this tool window is Ctrl-Shift-K. This is the inital feature version, so your ideas about how to make it useful is extremely welcome!

  • Bugfixes

- Long CVS module paths are processed correctly
- And many others :)

TMate plugin adds transactions support to the CVS version control integration. It consists of the server that continuously monitors CVS repository and IDEA plugin that displays found CVS transactions in the IDEA tool window. TMate Server is implemented as a web application and requires JDK 1.4 and supports CVS repositories accessible through the pserver protocol. TMate Server could be installed locally or on the dedicated computer.

TMate Client is an IDEA plugin that allows to configure remote TMate Server and displays up to date CVS transactions collected by the TMate Server.

TMate IDEA plugin available via the PluginManager includes both TMate Client and TMate Server.

More information about TMate, including screenshots, is available at http://tmate.org/eap/

Your feedback about how the plugin works in your environment, whether do you find it useful, and what features do you want to see in the next versions is very welcome!

Alexander Kitaev.

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