How to fix JavaClassReferenceProvider issue

Hello !
My purpose is providing auto-completition into some of custom JSP tag.
One of its attribute should contain fully qualified Java enum class name. Im using code like this

JavaClassReferenceProvider provider = new JavaClassReferenceProvider();
provider.setOption(JavaClassReferenceProvider.EXTEND_CLASS_NAMES, new String[]{"java.lang.Enum"});

It works amlost OK. When one press ctrl+space IDEA gives list of available enums. But problem happening when enum is declared as inner.
Such enumerations are shows in dropdown list but when you choose it - the Enumeration doesn't resolve and is showed in JSP as erroneous.

for ex if have file with such pseudo code

public class test {
public enum TestEnum {....}

In my jsp i have smth liek this


test part is correctly resolved, but TestEnum ain't resolved.
Can someone point me what im doing wrong. I've traying to paly around with customizations options for JavaClassReferenceProvider, but had no luck.
Using Selena.


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