[Request] InspectionGadget- Seperate inner and outer class fqn

Right now there is only one inspection to detect unnecessary usage of full qualified class name. It will detect both inner and outer class violation.
Unfortunately we like to keep the inner class qualified for documentation purpose (the inner class name might be very generic) but not the outer class.

outer class full qualify name
com.foo.DocumentEditor -> DocumentEditor

inner class full qualify name
DocumentEditor.Listener -> Listener

So 2 inspections would be great one for inner class and one for outer class.

As usual great plugin!


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I was going to work over the FQN stuff and import stuff this weekend (it doesn't work very well with inner classes), and will add this to the list. Something along these lines (either two inspections or one with a flag) should be in 0.0.9, sometime around the end of the month.



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