[ANN] Tabifier plugin - new version 4.5

The Tabifier plugin respaces Java code so that syntactic elements are aligned vertically.

With this release, certain spacing options are provided to augment those provided by IDEA.

08 Dec 2003 - Version 4.5

- Fixes for submitted bugs involving continuation lines (e.g., method call parameters on several lines).

- Provide separate controls for parameter alignment in method declarations and method calls.

- Provide separate controls for first parameter of line vs. remainder of parameters.

- Align right-justified literals with respect to themselves, not other tokens.

- Preview pane contents have been expanded to cover all options.

- Added several "force space before/within " options:
Let me know if you discover bugs or need additional functionality.


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Tabifier looks great Dave!

I've been OOO for the past coupla weeks and just got back to find new builds and new versions of everything. Looking forward to seeing what the new algorithm does for space conservation...


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(a Fixed width font is required for this message to make sense)

Can the TabifierPlugin


, or close to it?

I tried many options, but couldn't make it work.


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I'll make it work. It doesn't work in the current version because (1) curly braces always force a new group (because indentation changed), and (2) I didn't envision aligning adjacent methods. But in this case the curly braces (both being on the same line) don't affect the indentation, so it should be an exception to the rule. I'll add the code to align method bodies and their contents.

Thanks for the suggestion!


PS. Here's a quick status report for those awaiting new features. Now that I've dropped generics (temporarily, I hope) from my code, I'm able to make progress again. Working on rearranger features at the moment; next version will at least have
- ability to exclude methods (like "main" and constructors) from extracted method processing
- ability to change getter/setter definition (on global or per-rule basis)
- and may have rule priorities.

Tabifier will come next; it will have
- adaptive algorithm to break line groups into subgroups to avoid exceeding right margin or adding too much white space
- and I hope will address your request made above.


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