Code Outline requests

I just discovered this plugin. At first, I thought it was a gimmick. Then
I was assigned a project to maintain. In the past, I had to resort to
printing code so I could see the entire class (especially since some methods
are 100's of lines long).

Code Outline removes the need to do that. However, I have a couple of
1) Can you scale the outline window text if the code is smaller than the
size of the window?
I have 150 lines of code and they only show at the very top of the screen.

2) Can you add scroll bars to the window text if the code is larger than the
It looks like the window will display 500 lines of code. I have to maintain
some code that is over 2000 lines long. : ( The first 500 lines does not
even get all of the accessors. Damn.

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