IdeaJad - The class file version is 48.0 (only 45.3, 46.0 and 47.0 are supported)

When trying to decompile classes from openapi.jar I receive the following error. IdeaJad plugin version is 963-1, Aurora build is 977.


First what are you doing decompiling IDEA code! You should be ashamed of yourself ;)
This isn't a plugin problem but rather the sign of jad getting more outdated. It is going to be like this until somebody takes over jad maintenance or some other free decompiler dethrones jad. In other word, don't worry, be happy. The decompilation still completes but might leave the output file not compilable... which should be ok since anyway you did not intend on compiling it right? It is just for documentation...



I ran into this a while ago. I've had good luck with JReversePro.


Yes, I'm such a b%stard :) Sure, I thought that it's JAD itself which causes the problem .. But if you say that decompiled file is OK that'll be great (didn't check if it even exists yesterday). No, of course I didn't intend on compiling back IDEA's sources - just to look around at openapi implementation (I have JarSpy plug-in to look at methods already so adding a bit of decompilation seemed logical to me)


Let us know how it is. If they continue to maintain it, it might make a nice replacement
for JAD in the plugin.

Evgeny Goldin wrote:

Thank's, I'll give it a try



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It doesn't seem to be maintained as last update is dated to October 2002. Two other decompilers I know are jAscii ( and jclasslib ( The latter is a dissassembler, actually, but a very cute and comfortable one ( I use jAscii for decompiling complete jars (sadly, Jad-based "DJ Java Decompiler" isn't capable of it) and it took openapi.jar from the latest 922 build without any complain.


I'm not sure any updates have been needed -- it works fine with the latest class format, as far as I can tell.


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