Various Custom Language plugin questions

Hi all,
I'm developing a language support plug-in for TLA+ with a friend and I have encountered some issues.

1. The TLA+ model checker is a java class file. When ran against a tla model it produces continuous output to console until the check is complete. Knowing the path to the class, can I execute it's model check method in such a way so that I may capture the output and redirect it to a ConsoleView and obtain the same continuous stream?

2. How do I create or if I can't, how do I access the "Run" console in which java code execution output is displayed?

3. Can I link 1. and 2. such that the output generated by the model checker can be redirected to the console instance obtained through question 2. This question might seem repetitive but I place it here as I am unsure of what a ConsoleView actually is.


Best Regards, Andrei


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