Plugin-Idea? - Shortcut-Reference

Having browsed through the keyboard shortcuts in the keymaps-dialog I again encountered several useful key-bindings I don't use on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a quick reference inside idea showing the shortcuts which are

- applicable to the current context AND
- not hidden by user choice / explicitly shown by user choice AND
- not already used on a regular basis

For example I would let the plugin-tool-window(?)
show me shortcuts like

- Strg-Shift-J (Join lines)
- Ctrl-Enter (Split line)
- Ctrl-Backspace (Delete to word start)
- Ctrl-Delete (Delete to word end)
- Ctrl-Shift-Delete (mapped to 'Cut to line end' by me)
- Crrl-M (Scroll to center)
- Ctrl-D (Duplicate line)

until I finally start using them regularly.

Maybe it is sufficient if a plugin shows a list of user-configured shortcuts only. just for quick-lookup.

Sure it would have to compete with a post-it stuck on the hardware-display but it may do (quickly changeable, auto-adapting to keymap-changes).

What do you think?

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