FindUsagesProvider.mayHaveReferences() doesn't exist?

Hi all,

I'm all new to IntelliJ open API and I've downloaded and compiled the Pythonid IntelliJ pluginvfor IntelliJ 7.0. After successfuly compiling it and plugging it in, I've noticed that find usages does not work properly for it.
Looking at the "Writing Custom Language" documentation suggested there was something wrong with the mayHaveReferences() implementation so I took a look there and strangely I saw that although there's an implementation there, it does not implement a function from the FindUsagesProvider interface.
I was wondering - did something change in IntelliJ 7 with regards to Custom Languages plug-in writing? Where can I find more information about this?

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If I recall it correctly, mayHaveReferences() was an optimization method, and some time in IDEA 7 development cycle it turned out this optimization does not work. Since it was safe to remove the method from interface, it was done.


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