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I like it so far.

I tested it on a method that I use in a project, that is extremely common, and it worked; it took a few seconds but it was a lot quicker than me trying to find usage myself to death. :)

However, one thing I noticed, you need a scroll bar if the list gets too log.

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James Boe wrote:

I've created a plugin which allows you to view the set of find usages
leading to a particular method. In large projects, it'll take a
little time to generate the tree (took 10-15 seconds occasionally
with my normal work code).

What's the advantage over the built-in call hierarchy tool (click a
method name, then Ctrl-Alt-H or View | Call Hierarchy)? They seem to do
the same thing.

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Why IntelliJ is so great--you use it for 10 hours/day, and still occasionally run into features that you didn't know about. Oh well, was a good chance to learn how to write plugins.


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