[ANN] Tabifier 3.0 released (supports 922)

Major new release of the tabifier plugin (http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/TabifierPlugin) which supports alignment of several new syntactic items (method calls, if statements), and has a redesigned configuration panel with a preview pane so you can actually predict what might happen to your code. :)

I really wanted to include examples here of what the new code looks like, but couldn't figure out how to get a non-proportional font. So please visit the link above for examples of if-statement and method call alignments.

Typecast parentheses and types as well as many other expression components can also be aligned.

Thanks to all who wrote asking when a new release (that works with the EAP build) would be available. I appreciate your patience!

The plugin's internals have been almost completely rewritten so that adding new types of alignment in the future will be easier. As a result, this version is probably pretty buggy. I've used it to tabify much of the tabifier source and it seems to work pretty well, but I often find syntax that it doesn't handle well. I'd appreciate it if you could send me examples of code that doesn't align as you expect so I can either fix it or add an option to do what you'd like.


P.S. Sorry -- it won't work with the production 3.0.x builds.

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