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thanks for your work. At first I got problems with the configuration, it took me some time to find out the correct
setting for the "path to ccm client":

... \CMSynergy\ccm62\bin\

Do you have plans for migrating the plugin to Aurora prior
to the 4.0-release?

Poll: Are there other potential users for an Aurora-Version of this plugin, besides me?

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Some other configuration problem:

Initialization message:
Warning: Unable to identify project.
Project working area path: MyProject-myUser

Message when trying to reconfigure:
Project reference requires name and version: 'MyProject-myUser'

I've done the following configuration in Project Information:
Project Name: MyProject
Release Tag: V1.0
(User Name: myUser)

Below the configured database directory:

... \MyProject

is the following hierarchy


(The last MyProject-directory is contained in the project)

Maybe the path is incorrectly (for my case) constructed with - instead of =?

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?
Thank you.
Frank Bruch

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Thank you for feedback!

I did not described project properties well, sorry. I will do it soon.

About Aurora, I did not really work with it. Where can i have more information about it?

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CM Synergy defines couple of different strategies to mantain a project. When I have been writting this plugin I took "our" strategy as a base. Of cource, it may not fit to some other configurations.

Let me say some words about configuration I use. There is a "baseline" project (e.g. Name: CMSynergyPlugin, Version:A0.4). I also INTEGRATION project (e.g. Name: CMSynergyPlugin, Version:A0.4) which uses baseline project.

Now, from INTEGRATION project I have checked out my project. Warning! Name of the project is CMSynergyPlugin and version corresponds to my USER NAME (e.g. Serge). Thus the full project name is CMSynergyPlugin-Serge. If I open project history dialog in CM Synergy, I should see this working area (Version: Serge, Name: CMSynergyPlugin) there.

If it is not a case than your problem is that you specified Version of the project, different than your user name. If it is so, I need to update plugin to be able to set Vesion paramater different from user name.

Do you need such a posibility?

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I found one mistake. Please read:

"I also INTEGRATION project (e.g. Name: CMSynergyPlugin, Version:INT) which uses baseline project."

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Thanks for your reply.
I think I have a very similar configuration here, the only difference seems to be the separator character between project name und version (user name). This is set to =
somehow in my configuration (actually set up by a separate team) but to - in your configuration.
Maybe there's a change for this being the only change necessary and I could do it for myself.


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1. You have to be member of the JetBrains EAP Program
(e-mail and password is sufficient)
2. You perhaps need to have a look at the implementation
of the starteam-integration for which the src is contained
in the folder plugins/starteamIntegration/src.zip
I'm not aware of any documentation of the api-changes, sorry.
Maybe you can use the apiComparator-plugin which compares the interfaces from two different JARs for this matter

The current EAP-release, build 915 is relatively stable and contains lots of new features. The - hopefully - only annoyance you'll experience is the change in the project file format, so you need to setup a new project from scratch

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Hallo Frank,

I have modified plugin in a way you can use it. Tomorrow I will try to publish it.


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I'm also interested in an Aurora version.

Are you intending to share the source code / do you
allow decompiling and modifying?

(I will test the plugin next Monday when I'm
at the location where cm synergy is used)

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Good question.

Plugin is in continual development stage. I update it almost every day.

Actually this is my first experience in SWING. It still reises some exceptions (synchronization-related) and I would like to clean source code up first and document it. Than I'm going to publish it.

If somebody really want sources AS IS I can send them via e-mail.

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Thanks for information! It was really usefull! I will do adaptations when I have time.


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