[ANN] ClearCase Plugin 1.23 released (works only with 915)



  • Fix Hijacking file not in write action

  • Fix text erroneously asking to Hijack when it will Check out on the dialog that pop up on edit of a read-only file

  • Fix offline mode not working for rename/move

  • Fix failed attempt to modify readonly file on edit not reported in GUI

  • Make Check Out File action turn into Hijack File when working in offline mode

  • New CommandLine interface using long-lived cleartool process for 2x performance improvement


If you are using the new Native implementation please note that a new dll "jacob.dll" needs to be put in IDEA_DIR/bin
If you are tired of doing this please vote for http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=5769

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Thank you, what a relief !!! Now as I'm stick to releases of the CC plugin and
can't switch the Aurora build unless the plugin does ...

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Hmm .. I have some more things to add:

1) In the CC menu you say "Checking Out File", "Undoing Check Out File" - isn't it too verbose ? "Check Out" and "Undo Check Out" would suffice just perfect, I think

2) I receive the following errors when trying to edit the file which is checked in (where I expect "Would you like to check it out ?" dialog to appear). First trace is that of the "Internal error .. Would you like to send .. " IDEA window. Second one is coming from the Aurora console.
I've attached the screenshot of my CC configuration too.
Btw, checking out the file manually works fine.

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1) Menu too verbose
I will think about it.

2) NPE in automatic checkout
Yep just right after I released I saw that one. The bummer is that it affects the online mode too. I will try to fix it and provide a patch quickly.




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