Overriding the rendering of FoldRegion and/or Document renderer

The editor has a renderer (somewhere). Can I override it or replace it?

If no, then perhaps someone has an idea about how I could achieve my ends in some other way.

Over arbitrary expanses of the editor text, possibly all of it, and possibly none of it, I want to replace what appears on the screen with text or possibly non-text, without destroying or altering (deleting) the underlying Document .

Something like this is available through the FoldRegion object in the OpenAPI, which is what supports code folding, however, it's not exactly what I want.

I guess the simplest way to put it is I would like to override the rendering of the FoldRegion to render the folded regions in anyway I see fit. Currently they are rendered using two signifiers- an ellipsis where text used to be and a tree-expansion + sign at the gutter / editor border indicating that the code has been folded there.

If none of this is supported, and that's known, then that's good information also!

Thank you!

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