JUnit Test plugin and subprojects

I am using Maven so my IDEA project is setup with many subprojects,
which just means lots of src/ and src-test/ directories. For instance:

Project/domain/src/ # main src for subproject 'domain'
Project/domain/src-test/ # test src for subproject 'domain'
Project/ejb-data/src/ # main src for subproject 'ejb-data'
Project/ejb-data/src-test/ # test src for subproject 'ejb-data'

IDEA (Aurora, 887) has no problems navigating the source or the
tests, but I cannot make the JUnit plugin recognize this structure.
Any ideas?



Chris Winters (cwinters@optiron.com)
Senior Software Architect

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Could you give me more details?
What version of EAP & plugin are you using?
What patterns are you using?
Can you turn on diagnostic (see plugin page) and send me the log file?



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Weird thing: I can now navigate to an existing test okay but cannot create a new test. (User error I'm sure.... argh.)

So here's the setup that fails when creating an existing test: EAP 896 and version 0.15 build 1 of the plugin.

Project structure, where 'domain' and 'ejb-data' are subprojects:


Tests are in same package/directory structure as tested class:



Tested Class: src/$DIRECTORY$/$CLASS$
Test class: src-test/$DIRECTORY$/$CLASS$Test

When I ask the plugin to create a new test from com.optiron.Bar it responds correctly:

I click 'OK' and then it creates:


Oops. I've sent zipped logfile to you separately. Thanks!

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Thanks fixed it in the next release


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