Creating a new EditorColorsScheme

How can I create a new EditorColorsScheme instance? I can see the addColorsScheme() method in EditorColorsManager, but how to create an instance to feed this method?


While we're on the subject, is there any way to add "custom" attributes to a color scheme? I'd like to tag a color scheme with a couple of arbitrary values, and have these values saved and loaded automatically. Is that possible?


I think that all entries in the color scheme are based on the TextAttributesKeys assigned to ColorsPage. These keys correspond to highlighted regions in different languages. So when you have such a region and its default text attributes you can override those attributes with custom - that's what color scheme does. Color scheme text attributes without any regions where those attributes are applied are useless.


Still, you can only add TextAttributeKeys, not random values, to a color scheme. I know, you're probably asking why I would store anything else... just think about it as "meta information".

BTW, still no answer about how to create a new EditorColorsScheme instance. I take there's no way to do it?


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