Help with Clearcase Plug-in planning

My job is to "integrate clearcase with IDEA", the tool used by our developers. I guess this is via a plug-in.

1. I have never used IDEA, and my last Java development was in 1999 (last century).
2. I am still in the planning phase, and I need some info in order to make some time estimations.
3. Don't know if we're going to use UCM or not. Most probably not.
4. don't have IDEA installed on my machine. Will soon.

I've done some homework:
- looked at IntelliJ Plugins Home, the ClearcasePlugin installation page.
- searched the forums and found some discussions.

- What choices the plug-in gives you when you click on it (don't know which pull down button). A picture would be very helpful.
- Like I said, I'm rusty in Java but current in Perl, bash. What is the likelihood of adding Perl commands on the pull down menu. For example, "put a label on all files under this tree".
- Is there a user documentation on the plugins? where can I find it?


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actions available on a file:
checkout (undo hijack also)
undo checkout
version tree

The plugin use a disconnected mode which save all directory changes (add, delete, move, rename) until you invoke a "Check In Project". At that point you are presented with a graphical diff of all changes in the tree structure of your project.
This is the recommended usage. The file checkin and add are just for special case.

The plugin doesn't use UCM and I have no plan to add it since I do not use it at work and have no way to test it. However you are welcome to get the source of the plugin and add UCM support to it. I will incorporate it (when I have time which very scarce right now).

You can use IDEA "External Tools" to launch any command line script on a selection. You can then add your "label all in tree" command easily.

The only documentation of the plugin can be found at


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Thank you Jacques

1. We will be using UCM, I'm almost sure of it.
2. from what you are saying, you are using a snapshot view to access your source files, is that true?
Will it work for dynamic views?

don't think I'll have the time to add UCM to it, not this year anyway.

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Only work on Snapshot view?
Not necessarily. The plugin is oblivious of that distinction. Even though I did not test it on a dynamic view, it should work. Anyway I am not sure of the advantage of using dynamic view with UCM over snapshot views. Snapshot views is just one way to remove a very complex piece of software (NFS client on NT, patching the kernet on unix!). In addition when we talked to our Rational pre-sale engineer, she said that the view update/checkin is optimized based on the UCM meta data (activities) which would make them even faster.
Anyway as long as you can set the current Activity before starting your changes and have it available when you check out/in your files, the plugin should work for you.

Good luck


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Thanks Jacques

I'll try UCM dynamic views first.
Our first phase: use IDEA without the plug-in. Doing ci/co using clearcase (ucm)
Phase 2: use your plugin
Phase 3: use Rational's (supported) integration. There is an RFE (request for enhancement) to Rational. But they haven't taken any action on it -so they say-.

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On my project we have been using CC with IDEA for over a year now. We're using UCM and mostly snapshot views.

We're not using Jacques's plugin, but just user-defined menu options that use cleartool in command line mode. Works good enough. We have the most used actions on our menus: check in/out, history, version tree, etc.

Send me an email at and I can send you the xml file we use.

- Joe


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