Need help do debug my ClearCase plugin.

I will try again. This time i will try to be politer.

I have a problem with my ClearCase plugin.

In build 6117, 6137 and 6140, after i delete a file(the clearcase command is
actually called), a new empty file is created.
-The file is removed from project tree
-When i look at the directory i can see a new(that to say not a ClearCase
element) empty file there.
-When i compile my project, IntelliJ is trying to parse these empty files -
that how i found that i have a bug.

How can i trace were this file is created.

File watcher is showing these strange messages:

I also want to add that FileWtacher give me these strange message - after
file was deleted by ClearCase:

2006-12-17 09:48:51,640 INFO -
lij.localVcs.impl.LocalVcsImpl - [purged 0 items


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How can i trace were this file is created.

You could try adding a VirtualFileListener with VirtualFileManager.getInstance().addVirtualFileListener and look at the stack trace when this particular file is created. This might help to provide some hint where and why the file is created.



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