[ANN] Tabifier Version 2.7

This is a bug fix release of the plugin.

The tabifier plugin vertically aligns various syntactic elements of Java
declarations and assignment statements according to configuration options.

See http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/TabifierPlugin for complete

*12 Jun 2003 - Version 2.7 *

bug fix: assignment statements preceded by other text now align properly; for example


bug fix: when tabifying a declaration with a preceding comment, but beginning the selection after the comment, tabifier skipped the statement -- but does no longer. For example, if only the three lines after the comment are selected in the following:

tabifier now properly aligns them all as follows:

bug fix: indentation of lines in switch statements could be off by a level if "Indent case from switch" code layout option was selected.

Thanks to Amnon and Jonas for the bug submissions!

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