ToolWindow Positions special anchor

Hi Guys

Is there any special anchor to specify the toolWindow to appear differently.

When we move a tool window to top it is added to the top and, left and right panels are under it (Its like BorderLayout.NORTH),

Instead - Something like TopStretch - Which doesn't distrub any thing on left and right but adds on top

Some thing like

This kind of thing is usefull to create a UML plugin. With all the PSI stuff, I think its pretty easy to create a UML plugin ;)

Any IDEAs?

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Why I am asking this?

Here is my exciting plugin thought.

Long back (early 2002) I started implementing a tool called ezDDE (Ez Distributed application Development Environment), and stopped working on it due to the busy in job-work. I am thinking of reusing the code into IDEA to buid a UML designer.

See the attached mock screenshot how it looks. I guess you love it.

UMLDesigner in IDEA(mock screenshot).zip
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Just changing the subject


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