[ANN] JBoss Integration Plugin 0.2

Hi, I've fixed some bugs in the JBoss Integration Plugin. Hopefully this
will make your lives easier. Debugging JSP seems to be working better as
well as startup of JBoss.

This plugin now supports JBoss 3.0.7 with Jetty.

- Fixed startup parameters
- Fixed default directory
- Fixed config directory location
- Fixed temp directory location
- Fixed scratch directory location
- Fixed Name of plugin (Was JBoss 4.x but should have been 3.0.x)

You get get the file at this location:


Please file bugs and RFEs at Sourceforge so we can keep track of them. We
have a little more time to work on things now, so hopefully we can get this
baby running with JBoss 3.2 if anyone needs it.


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