ProblemDescriptor with multiple lines

Could someone tell me the right way to create an inspection with problem descriptors that contain multiple lines of text (newline at the end of each) in the description template.
Adding a newline ("\n") did not cause a carriage return so I tried HTML adding a <br>. This works some of the time. Often the text is partially cut off vertically and the text component spans the entire size of the IDE (the component is too large).
The best success I have had is creating a table with a specified width and adding each line as a new row. But this is dependent upon the width of the IDE. The smaller I set the width of the table the smaller I can make the width of the IDE for this to work.
Oddly enough the description template text always shows correctly when I mouse over the little mark on the right edge of the IDE (where the warnings and errors appear).
Any help would be appreciated.

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