yet another GUI builder discussion

Hi all,

I have read the previous threads about GUI builder. I am looking forward on this functionality also - either as a plugin or as a core part of the IDE. On the other hand, JavaServer Faces has come to EA3. So I think it's a good idea to integrate a GUI builder for JSF also. And, in fact, what I want is exactly what M$ VS.NET provides.

I think JSF would not be a good framework for developers directly - it's too complicated and lots more work to do. Rather, I guess its aim is to provide a framework for IDE. And in the latest article released on java's page (, they concludes exactly this point. Maybe IBM eclipse and Oracle JDev is working on this also. (How about my lovely IDEA? =] )

I know Struts does pretty well as a web app framework; but it's still an unoffical one. I don't know if JSF can replace / co-exist with Struts; anyway, JSF is supported by many industrial parties. So it's worth to support it in long term.

Any idea? Please comment!



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Wait a little bit. There will come something, that is even better than you
can imagine :)



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