smartCopy appears to cause a pasting problem in 815

That is, it appears that you cannot paste text in build 815 if you have smartCopy installed.

When I load 815 and have the smartCopy plugin in the plugins folder, the Paste function does not work. I tried pasting using the menu(including the right click popup menu) and by using ctrl v.

I have verified this by a long process of elimination(those 815 start-ups are brutally long), to the point that I only had smartCopy installed(and the problem still persisted).


Hmm, works for me, but I've been intending to put out a fix anyway. I'll see what I can do.


I've been unable to replicate your problem. Version 0.3 is up on Give it a spin, and if there's still an issue let me know.


Yes, that seems to fix the problem. Sorry for the slow reply.


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