How to come back to the previous point ?


On xcode and AppCode the user can cmd+click on a name of a function or a property to jump directly to his declaration/implementation.

On xcode, after that the user can "go back" with ctrl+cmd+<- or using the small back arrow on top of the editor. I don't find any option to do the same with AppCode. 

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With the Default keymap in AppCode: use Cmd+[ or Alt+Cmd+backarrow. 

You can also set Xcode keymap in Preferences -> Keymap and with this keymap you will be able to use Ctrl+Cmd+back arrow to navigate back

It is the same on AppCode.  Look under Navigate->Back.  In my AppCode that is ctrm+cmd+back arrow.


There are also back/forward arrows in the main toolbar.


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