[ANN] Intellij.org: Fix-up in IntelliJPluginsHome


As we know, plugins list is result of RegExp search for some META-FIELDS in
IntelliJ topics. Before we have two diferents Web Form: WebForm (with
TopicClassification = IntelliJPluginPackage) and IntelliJPluginWebForm (with
TopicClassification = IntelliJPluginPackage). Both mean a plugin topic
I had remove from WebForm the value 'IntelliJPluginPackage'. Now the only
one form with TopicClassification value 'IntelliJPluginPackage' -
I fix all old plugins topic by changing assotiated form from WebForm to
IntelliJPluginWebForm. But i left some fields of IntelliJPluginWebForm
blanked (like a 'name', 'author' etc).

So, developers, who had plugins in
http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/IntelliJPluginPackage with
blanked cells, please edit your plugin topic to fix blanked.
Also, i ask for plugin authors check out plugin topics for correct

If you know about some plugins, that it will be moved to archived plugins,
please change value of TopicClassification to 'IntelliJPluginArchive'. This
is must be only not worked plugins and if it's development is stoped.

And last, as you know, there are the plugin 'PluginManager', i have idea for
reincarnation this plugin and use for plugin repository XML an authomatic
XML generation:
We discuss this so more, and maybe we can do something as result?


Alexey Efimov, Software Engineer
Sputnik Labs,

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